How to Identify the Quality of PVC Decor Film

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Update time : 2022-09-06 14:34:00

As we have stated earlier, PVC decorative film has become quite prevalent in the market during the past couple of years. Unfortunately, not all of these products are created equal and the chance of you purchurse a low-quality PVC decorative film also arizes. In order to avoid this problem, we have compiled information that will help you identify the best PVC decorative film out there. Let us begin.

The Texture of  Decorative Film

High-quality PVC decorative film is distinctive once you get your hands on it.  Low-standard vinyl film is quite easy to wrinkle and does not provide the same level of flexibility.  On the other hand,  high-quality PVC decorative film is considerably more flexible and is virtually impossible to wrinkle by accident.

Vibrant Color and Sheen

One of the most distinct quality of PVC decorative film lies in its aesthetics. You will notice that high-quality PVC film tends to have a shinier appearance and a more vibrant color. Impeccable detail to patterns and images is also common in PVC decorative film, making it a great choice for use in advertisement banners and the like. PVC decorative film can efficiently display designs in crisp detail, this alone will make this type of decorative film highly sought-after in the industry.

 High Level of Scratch Resistance

Another aspect about PVC decorative film is with its incredible resistance to scratches. This makes it one of the most recommended material for use outdoors as it can efficiently withstand such conditions with little effort. PVC decorative film will incorporate an additional layer on top of its already durable base material. PVC decorative film will typically utilize a layer of DuroGard, which is known to provide excellent resistance to scratches. This extra layer of scratch-resistant film also helps retain the color and design for a longer period by protecting it from elements that can lead to wear and tear during prolonged exposure.

Outstanding Technical Parameters

PVC decorative film also comes with better specifications than standard polyester-based wallpapers. The most notable of which is with its excellent level of heat resistance. Not only that, PVC decorative film is also known to provide higher insulate rate and better reflection rate. All of these three properties combined will yield top-notch results in regards to the overall quality of the decorative film. Thus, you are pretty much guaranteed that PVC decorative film will provide fantastic results in both performance and in aesthetics.


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